Employment Statutory Rates – April 2021

In line with the Statutory Rates increase, effective from April 2021.  Here is a handy run down of the new rates.

Compensation LimitsMaximum Award
A weeks’ pay (statutory maximum)£544.00
Breach of the right to be accompanied at Discipline and Grievance Meetings£1,088.00 (2 weeks’ pay)
Breach of Flexible Working Provision£4,352.00 (8 weeks’ pay)
Unfair Dismissal
Max Award: £105,813.00
Basic Award: £16,320.00   Compensation Award: £89,493.00 (or 52 weeks’ pay)
Failure to provide Written Statement of Employment£1,088.00 (2-4 weeks)

Statutory PaymentsRate
Statutory Redundancy Payment£544.00 per week
Maximum Statutory Redundancy Payment£16,320.00 (30 weeks’ pay)
Statutory Maternity Pay£151.97 per week
Statutory Paternity Pay£151.97 per week
Statutory Adoption Pay£151.97 per week
Statutory Shared Parental Leave Pay£151.97 per week
Statutory Parental Bereavement Pay£151.97 per week
Statutory Sick Pay£96.35 per week

National Minimum Wage & National Living WageRate
National Living Wage:£8.91 per hour
21-22 Year Old Rate:£8.36 per hour
12-20 Year Old Rate:£6.56 per hour
Apprentice Rate:£4.30 per hour

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