Welcome to our new site

Following a few months of planning, the Involve HR team is excited and proud to announce the launch of our brand-new website – we hope you like it!

The purpose of creating our new site was to not only better your user experience but also better tell our story of how we support our clients as well as show you some great examples of the work we do.  And let’s be honest, the last site was pretty awful!  

You may not know it, but we have been supporting our growing client base for over 10 years.   As a business we tend to stay on the low-down and have been operating in stealth mode for quite some time now.  However, when we reached that decade milestone in July last year, we decided it was time to stand up with pride and share our news.  To help us do this, we decided a new website was in order.

It was important for us that the website not only showcased Involve HR and our range of services but that it reflected our team’s personality and truly represented who we are and what we are all about.  We think it does and hope you do too!

You may have also noticed that we have also been working hard to develop our social media presence on LinkedIn.  If you are not already following us, we would really appreciate your support.  We are also hoping to launch a regular newsletter in the coming months which will feature updates on our own developments but also provide useful regulatory changes and things we think will be of interest to our clients.  Subscribe today on the homepage…

Now we did do some fairly extensive testing before launching, but if something isn’t right, please send us an email should you encounter any issues or even have some suggestions – we would love your feedback.  

So, what’s new?

Well, apart from the improved look and feel and design element, our menu structure is streamlined and user friendly – you will find what you are looking for very easily.   You can meet the team and tap into our industry knowledge by following our blog which will regularly be updated with fresh, engaging and useful content that is fast to load and easy to digest.  

The website is now more responsive, and you can also view it on mobile devices easily.  The rising popularity of smartphones and tablets prompted the need for our website to adapt to different screen sizes. Now you will have a great user experience, no matter what device you are using.  

Take a look around and let us know what you think!

Team Involve HR