Booming Onsite HR Services

In the last six months, we have seen the need for Onsite HR services skyrocket.   We believe this is the result of a number of global economic trends creating difficult trading environments.  If you think about it, organisations are currently navigating a range of challenges.  Brexit, volatile energy prices, technology disruption, regulatory changes and environmental and social governance to name but a few.

All these external impacts can have a direct effect on the one thing that Involve HR support.  People. No matter what sector you are in, you can expect some of these challenges to potentially result in:

  • Restricted budgets
  • Reduced profits
  • Job losses
  • Low morale 
  • Poor staff performance

All of which have direct impact on your people.  Yet many businesses do not have in-house HR professionals working day-to-day as part of their workforce to help traverse these challenging times.  

This is where Onsite HR services is a game changer and potentially why it is growing in popularity across the North East.  It’s a service that provides businesses with an experienced HR consultant onsite, acting as an integral part of your team, for a long, medium- or short-term contract, at a fraction of the ongoing costs of employing an internal HR resource.  It’s a flexible, affordable option which is attractive during times of change.  

Want to know how we do it?

Involve HR’s fully trained, knowledgeable team regularly work in-house for a wide variety of clients, acting as an impartial HR consultancy. While there are many different circumstances in which a business might choose to adopt our onsite services, our team are very hands-on, lending their expertise and advice in order to maintain a value-adding HR service to your business. They take the time to get to know the business and how it operates and offer pragmatic business focused solutions. Our proactive tailored approach will take the worry out of managing your most valuable asset – your people.

We manage the whole spectrum of operational and strategic HR requirements and deal with all employee relation issues such as discipline and grievance, managing exits, contractual issues, policy implementation and performance management through to more complex HR matters such as TUPE and strategic HR and succession planning. Our team is capable of implementing a wide range of services from within your business to keep your HR function in the best possible shape.

With many organisations facing redundancies and reduced headcount, this service can support re-sized HR function.   We work alongside senior management and provide peace of mind that everything is dealt with in line with current and changing legislation and best practice in order to provide an effective and engaging workplace.

Whatever the reason, this service enables businesses to effectively maintain its HR function from within.

If you would like more information on our Onsite HR packages, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  We’d love to hear from you.