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A year of community projects planned to celebrate our 10 years in business!

Onsite HR Services

What is Virtual HR

HR Advice for First Time Employers

A year of community projects planned to celebrate our 10 years in business!

The Involve HR team plan a year of community projects to celebrate our special milestone.

We are proud to announce we are celebrating our 10 th anniversary in business this year and our team has chosen to mark this very special milestone by organising a programme of community initiatives.

The team felt there was no more fitting way to celebrate our 10th birthday than to give back to the local community with a series of activities inspired by the work of our third sector clients. These include some of the North East’s most well-known charities, including Aberdeen Cyrenians and Charlie House.

We are excited to share what we have planned! There are a number of activities to take the business through its 10 th year.

Chief Executive at Aberdeen Cyrenians, Mike Burns said, “Involve HR has provided Aberdeen Cyrenians with an exceptional service over the last 10 years and we were delighted when the team discussed their plans with us. We are thrilled that they will be working with us on an appeal for toiletries for victims of domestic abuse, many of whom leave their homes with nothing, and we really hope the local community will get involved to support this.”

A full calendar of activities has been developed and some highlights include:
• #OurBeachYourBeach – Awareness Campaign to keep Aberdeen coastline beautiful, in partnership with the Highlander Café Bus
• Involve HR Sanitary Appeal, supporting local schools
• Involve HR Book Donation Programme, supporting local schools
• Involve HR Clothing Appeal
• Walk the World with Involve – achieve 10,000 steps a day
• Sponsorship support for the SSPCA
• Volunteering with local charitable organisations including Charlie House
• Involve HR Toiletries Appeal for Victims of Domestic Abuse, in conjunction with Aberdeen Cyrenians
• The Involve HR team’s HR Chart Countdown
• Regular Blood Donation

Emma, Gillian, Catriona, Tamar and Robyn are looking forward to getting out there and hope the public will support these very worthy local causes. If you would like to find out more or get involved, please contact Emma or Gillian

You can also keep up to date with the team’s progress on social media, by visiting Involve HR’s LinkedIn page

Onsite HR Services

The downturn in oil and gas as well as the ongoing global economic circumstances has created a difficult trading environment for many businesses regardless of sector or size. Restricted budgets, reduced profits, job losses, low morale and poor staff performance are just some of the current HR issues at present yet many businesses do not have an HR professional working daily as part of their team providing professional HR to help during these challenging times.

Step in onsite HR services – a service that provides businesses with an experienced HR consultant onsite, as an integral part of your team, for a long, medium or short term contract, at a fraction of the ongoing costs of employing an internal HR resource.

Involve HR’s fully trained, knowledgeable team regularly work in-house for a wide variety of clients, acting as an impartial HR consultancy for almost every sector. While there are many different circumstances in which a business might choose to adopt our onsite services, our team are very hands-on, lending their expertise and advice in order to maintain a value-adding HR service to your business. They take the time to get to know the business and how it operates, and offer pragmatic business focused solutions. Their proactive tailored approach will take the worry out of managing a company’s most valuable asset - their people.

Involve HR manage the whole spectrum of operational and strategic HR requirements. Dealing with all employee relation issues such as discipline and grievance, managing exits, contractual issues, policy implementation and performance management through to more complex HR matters such as TUPE and strategic HR and succession planning. Our team is capable of implementing a wide range of services from within your business to keep your HR function in the best possible shape.

This service has become very popular with businesses that may have recently resized their internal HR function. As our team works alongside senior management, they are providing peace of mind that everything is dealt with in line with current legislation and best practice in order to provide an effective and engaging workplace.

Whatever the reason, this service enables businesses to accurately maintain its HR function from within your organisation.

If you would like more information on our different onsite HR packages, please contact us.

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What is virtual HR?

At Involve HR, we offer a virtual HR service - but what does this actually mean?

It is quite straightforward – we can provide you with trusted human resource expertise, tools, templates, guides and advice, on a wide range of HR issues all without being employed directly by your company.

We don’t need to take up valuable desk space in your office or be a member of your staff, but can instead facilitate your work directly from Involve HQ.

Our virtual HR service can be as proactive or reactive as you want, to best suit your needs – from advising you on new legislation or best practice methods, to fulfilling your HR requirements to meet tight deadlines.

It is also extremely flexible. We can act as your company’s full HR team if you don’t require an in-house resource, we can be your extra pair of hands when you need additional support, or can act as an experienced advisor if you already have a great HR team in place. Our offering can be entirely tailored to your needs. If you would prefer some face-to-face time then we can meet up with you in person and work from your office as and when required – you just need to tell us what works for you.

Virtual HR allows companies, SMEs in particular, to receive quality and affordable HR support, as they can benefit from our full team’s vast experience, without having the added expense of an in-house resource. It can also be extremely valuable for larger organisations that have unexpected busy periods, which maybe wouldn’t warrant taking on additional staff but requires immediate, and often specialist, assistance for that period of time. It can also offer experienced HR professionals peace of mind, as we can be there to run things past and offer our expert advice and opinions.

Whatever your situation, virtual HR may be the solution. It could help you be more efficient, cost-effective, flexible or add a valuable extra layer to your company’s HR resource.

If you’re interested in virtual HR, or would like more information, please contact us.

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HR advice for first-time employers

Have you taken the plunge and started up your own business?  If so, congratulations!  The future is yours for the taking!

Having made a success on your own, you are looking to the future and thinking about taking on your very first employee. But what do you have to consider when it comes to HR?

You haven’t had to think about employment law issues before, so this might seem a little daunting. Don’t fret - it’s not actually as complicated as you might think.

We’ve put together some handy advice to get you off to a great start:

Check your employee can work in the UK:

First and foremost, it’s important to check that your employee has the right to work in the UK. It is normal practice to ask this question during interview stages as you will need to be prepared if an applicant requires a work permit. It is important to check the relevant documentation to ensure your prospective employee has the appropriate immigration status, as if they do not and you hire them, you might be liable for a fine. Find out more about the applicant’s right to work documents here

When they produce these documents, make sure you are provided with the original documents, and that you take a copy of them to keep on file. Please note: following Brexit, these rules have not changed for the time being.

Put together an employment contract:

When you have offered your new employee a job, you should provide them with a contract of employment for them to sign. It is a legal requirement that a written statement of particulars relating to terms and conditions is provided within the first eight weeks of employment. However, legal requirement aside, it is a useful document to inform both parties of their contractual obligations.

There are many different types of contract, so it depends what form of work your new employee is going to undertake as to which you present. This could vary between full-time, part-time, flexible, zero hours contract or fixed term.

Involve HR provide various contract templates, letters of appointment and appropriate forms for new employees at an affordable price to suit your needs.

Policies and Procedures:

Employers should have a discipline and grievance procedure for their employees. Involve HR can provide these polices which will comply with the standards set by Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS).

Whilst is it not a legal requirement, it is best practice to put together an employee handbook so that you can outline additional company policies. This provides employees with a record of how you would expect them to behave in the workplace, whilst also helping to protect your business. This handbook should be updated regularly to cover changes to issues such as social media, overtime or laws relating to family friendly period of leave such as maternity and paternity.

Involve HR can design a bespoke employee handbook which reflects the culture and values of your company, incorporates best practice for managing employees as well as complying with current employment law matters.

Staff inductions:

When it comes to your new member of staff commencing employment, it important they know their way around the workplace. This is why it is a good idea to provide a staff induction on their first day. This will also provide them will all the information they might need, such as housekeeping and where to find the kitchen and lavatory, as well as essential health and safety requirements.

As an employer, you are required to minimise the risk that they might encounter in the workplace. Legally you must show them where the first aid kit is in the workplace, as well as a health and safety poster from the HSE. If you have more than five employees, a written health and safety policy must be in place.

For more information and support for new employers implementing HR for first time, please contact us.

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Involve HR LLP offer a wide range of services for clients who are seeking to outsource any HR requirements, including specific project work. Regardless of your size of business we can tailor our packages and services to suit your company needs, working with you and adding value to your business.



Involve HR LLP offer a wide range of services for clients who are seeking to outsource any HR requirements, including specific project work.  Regardless of your size of business we can tailor our packages and service offering to suit your company needs, working with you and adding great value to your business.



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